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5 Minute Face Yoga For Double Chin | Fit In Five | Yoga At Home | Yoga For Beginners | Cult Fit

This Yoga Video from Cult Match is The proper practice for startners To start out your day. Say Sure to healthful dwelling with Cult Match

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1:28 Kapal dhouti
3:30 Pout pose
4:52 Chin lifting pose
6:15 Subscribe and current some love

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15 Responses

  1. Let us know in the comments how you found this workout! Click here to get your free trial on the Cult Fit app:- https://bit.ly/3EXjqO7

  2. sun wonder says:

    Mansi mam..today I did it I will continue

  3. Super Mam, really felt the difference. Pls do post more such videos!!

  4. Hi madam, would u pl.tell face asana for loose skin below eyes due to aging.

  5. Need more on the face yoga please 🙏

  6. Sathvik Mv says:

    We need more videos please

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  9. parmar483 says:

    What is the best time to do these Asanas?? Also please provide good music for meditation 🙏

  10. I definitely need to try this

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